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Week in the world of Work Experience at Whybrow

A week in the world of Work Experience at Whybrow

Monday, 03 July 2017


My name is Henry, I am a student at Ipswich School in Suffolk and I have just finished sitting my GCSEs. I thought it would be good experience to do 1 week’s work experience at Whybrow. Not sure what industry I want to settle in yet, I have learnt a lot in my week here. I was very excited to start working alongside them as I really wanted to see what working in an office as a Surveyor is really like. I didn’t really know what to expect when going to Whybrow as I had never been to work in an office environment before.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Coralie, Executive Assistant, who showed me around the office and introduced me to all staff (bar the 3 on holiday!). I spent my first 2 days working with Tom and George in the Property & Asset Management department. My first on the job outing was going into Colchester with George to inspect numerous commercial buildings. The range of their role was so versatile. For example, George got a call about a door locking issue which we had to attend whilst out and see if we could figure out the problem.

We also went to internally inspect some buildings with national Tenants occupying and by doing this I understood more about what Property Management is and what they do for their clients and Tenants.

On Tuesday, I went out early with Andrew who works in the Professional (Valuation) department and we went to Tendring to a place to measure up and value an office scheme for a long standing client of Whybrow’s. The office was very grand. We took lots of photos of the property. From going to this property, I learnt a lot about what Andrew does and how to work and deal with clients. I then did some calculations when we got back to the office to work out the area footage of the building.

On Wednesday, my favourite day, I went to DP world which was an event that marked completion of the 15,500 sq ft extension to offices within the DP World London Gateway Logistics Centre. Whybrow are sole agents on this scheme and had worked alongside the client to run this launch event. I had great fun at this event as I met lots of people from different industries and learnt a lot about how they move the containers on and off of the ships onsite.

This was a really big event for any company with attendees from national freight forwarders and more, and it was great to be invited to come along to be part of it. On Thursday, I priced up a retail shop with Jamie and Andrew that we went and measured up on Wednesday afternoon. We got this proposal off on time to the client. On Friday I was working with Andrew and doing spreadsheets for the company which will hopefully help them out in the future.

Overall, I really enjoyed the whole experience and it has made me think about getting into doing Property Management. Over the course of the week I went to lots of properties and one of my favourites was a property of what used to be a bank in the town centre. I really enjoyed going into it as it was vacant and spotting things that the bank didn’t repair when they left the building. I found it very interesting looking around with Tom and usually you never get to see behind the scenes in a bank so I found it very interesting. The part I find about being a Surveyor the best is that you are not always in the office and you get to visit a lot of different places.

Doing work experience at Whybrow was so different to what I expected as I didn’t think that the workers here would be out so much and that is something that I really liked. Completing work experience here has definitely made a positive impact on what I would like to do in the future. The workers here really helped me enjoy my week and I am very happy that I applied to work at Whybrow.



Mandy Franklin

Monday, 3 Jul 2017, 15:21

Glad to see the generous Whybrow tradition of inspiring the next generation continues . It was always a special part of my role to see staff encouraging potential surveyors of the future. It would be nice to think that one day they will come back to you for a job!

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