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My Time At Whybrow As A Work Experience Student


Friday, 05 August 2016

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I go to Ipswich School where I have just completed my GCSE’s. I was very keen to come and do my work experience at Whybrow because I am set on having a career in property and I wanted a further understanding of the commercial side of property so instead of doing just one week of work experience I thought it would be more beneficial to me if I did two weeks.


I was welcomed by Kersti at Reception on my first day who showed me round the office and welcomed me to all the staff. I spent my first three days working with Mark and Rob in the Commercial Agency department and was quickly introduced to their main computer system which allowed me to extract relevant information about properties I would be viewing in the next few days. When viewing the properties with them, I often took photos of the interior and exterior of the properties so the brochures could be updated in the office. On the second and third day, Rob taught me all about press releases and I managed to complete both of the press releases by the end of my time in Agency.


The next three days of my work experience were spent working with David, Tom and Sam in Property and Asset Management which was very busy, with up to four inspections per day so I quickly became accustomed to the procedure and was able to ask questions of the tenants and also make notes and take photos of any information which was relevant to the inspections. In the afternoons I was set a project which required me to make new spreadsheets listing all the approved contractors Whybrow uses, making sure all the essential documents were present, which will hopefully make the team’s lives a lot easier in the future!


For my last four days I was working with Andrew, Jamie, Stephen and Julian in the Professional Services department where I was shown how to use many online systems regarding commercial property which I had never come across before so I could research several areas and properties where information was needed. On my second day in Professional Services I went on a dilapidations viewing with Stephen, Whybrow’s Building Surveyor, who showed me how these inspections take place so I could take relevant photos and also point things out to Stephen that could be noted. On my last day in the office I went out with Andrew and Julian to view an area that I had done a lot of research on in the previous couple of days to make an estimated value of the property which was really interesting because it allowed me to fully grasp the procedures for each task I was given and watching the viewing take place as well also added to my learning.


Overall I really enjoyed my time at Whybrow because it gave me a really strong insight into the working environment of a career that I am particularly interested in; most of all I really have to thank all the staff who really made my experience by being kind, funny and supportive the whole way through!



Monday, 24 Oct 2016, 13:09

That's a smart way of looknig at the world.

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