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My week at Whybrow

My week at Whybrow

Thursday, 12 July 2018

My name is Charlie, I am a student at Ipswich School in Suffolk. I decided to do my work experience at Whybrow. I worked there for a week and enjoyed my time working there. I did not know a lot about surveying; however I was interested to see what it is like. I had never worked in an office before so I was excited to find out what it would be like and I liked the environment.

I was warmly welcomed by Tom when I arrived for the first time on Monday morning, who then introduced everyone to me. Emily went through the basics of what Whybrow do and taught me how to use Agency pilot. Later on Monday, I went out with Grant to three visits. These visits helped me learn how to work and deal with clients.

On Tuesday, I went out with George who works in the management department. We visited a site which had a shared road, we identified what needed to be repaired and who uses the road so George could then contact them, so they contribute a percentage of the repairs. In the afternoon Tom went through the basics of building surveying. He also explained to me the different types of leases and what dilapidations are.

On Wednesday, Jamie taught me what the professional department do and how they do valuations, he showed me a range of websites to find the evidence to do valuations and how to use these websites. After lunch, I completed a rental valuation using what Jamie had taught me in the morning. I found valuations very interesting.

The next day, I was back with the agency department. After an increase in confidence and knowledge, I helped Grant take photos and measurements of a location in Frinton. Later on I went to two properties in Colchester with Tom. We recorded any repairs, reinforcements or redecoration needed and took measurements. When I got back to the office I drew up a floorplan of the two shops. I was very active on Thursday, which I enjoyed a lot.

On my last day, I went out in the morning with George, who works in the management department, to identify on any problems with the properties we visited. The properties were very useful to expand my knowledge as were completely different, one was in very good condition and one was in very poor condition. In the afternoon, I went to another property with George to confirm that the problems identified before have been fixed.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience a lot. I went out of their office and viewed a lot of properties which helped me learn more and made it more enjoyable. I worked with each department and got an understanding of all the jobs. I enjoyed the professional sector and building surveying a lot, however learning about the other sectors was very useful too. Also everyone at Whybrow was very welcoming and helpful and I would recommend it. 

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