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Our Day at Jimmy's Farm

Our Day At Jimmy's Farm

Friday, 28 April 2017

A White Paper from an Executive Assistant's perspective.

As the wise words of my idol Sir Richard Branson state:


A goal without a plan is just a wish”.


When Whybrow was formed in the mid 1980s by Roger Whybrow, and as all CEOs and Managing Directors know, getting the right people into a business can be a very expensive operation, both financially and emotionally for all involved.


Success is an opposed term which means different things to different people. So so many variances and drivers come into play when talking to individuals about success. To one person, success may be swimming in a pool of money whilst bathing in wine, or purchasing their first sports car, whilst to others it may be finding their work life balance being a full time working parent to young children or simply enjoying what they do. But how do you find out what your co-workers drivers are?


We now have what is known as the Whybrow Family – a tight knit and strong cultured team. As we all know, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful and exciting things can be achieved. One of our clients, DP World, often say to us 'Team Work Makes the Dream Work'. This is why every single member of the Whybrow Family is really valuable to us thanks to an aligned vision drive. Finding the right people is a never-ending journey, however a hugely worthwhile one at that.


Last week, Whybrow shut shop for a day and took the team out to a well-known rural farm in Suffolk, Jimmy’s Farm. Unknown to the team until the day (including Directors!), they had a fun filled day with their chosen +1s of sausage making, sausage testing, lunch with afternoon tea, visiting the farm and more.


The key point to remember about staff days away is that it is an opportunity for all, regardless of what position in the Company they are, to get together and have fun! Life generally is a journey, so taking time out to find out where people, more importantly all staff, are at on their journeys is just invaluable. Learn about them, what they have been up to, what is going on in their lives and so on. What is success to them? Conversation is priceless. So is team cohesion, but impossible to force in an attempt to ‘develop’ when not present.


Whilst being involved in a very comprehensive demonstration on sausage making by Jimmy’s Farm (with expected jokes and giggles when stuffing the sausages!), it was great to take a rare moment to step back and watch every face in that room laughing at very infant aged jokes! But what a day it was.


Being an eclectic group of qualified surveyors and office based staff, getting that time together is a rarity in itself. Sometimes, just sometimes, all it takes is a day together to refocus and enjoy a day together sausage making!


To wrap up why the Whybrow Family culture is so glued, take time with your teams out of office, embrace everyone’s stages in life and do not be afraid or hold back on having fun. We are all human and can easily become busy fools in business and the running of. So enjoy who you work with and the businesses visions, as well as everyone’s personal journeys because it will make every day that much more enjoyable with the added value of your staff being core of yours (and potentially in the future) their business.


Enjoy picture browsing on our new sausage making skills and team moments!


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