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Work Experience Week at Whybrow Chartered Surveyors

Toby Ranson’s work experience week at Whybrow Chartered Surveyors

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

My first day at Whybrow chartered surveyors was very satisfying and I learned how to inspect properties. George and I headed to Skyline in Braintree to commence our week. We spotted the few problems that had been signalled by the property owners around the industrial site. We then made the contractors aware of the issues and agreed a time by which the problems would be fixed. This was valuable as it taught me how to find problems and deal with them accordingly; dealing with people who have contrasting opinions is a helpful skill which will definitely help me in the future.  I completed the day with a task for Michael; this was to find information on arrears that showed how Whybrow had chased clients up when they failed to pay their rent. This may have been slightly tedious at times but was definitely worth it for the satisfaction that I felt after completing the job.


After missing a day whilst attending the Colchester Sixth Form College induction day, I came in refreshed and ready to work. I went to a meeting with everyone in the building. It was good to get a taste of how meetings run and the type of environment they are held in. It was much more laid back than I anticipated. The meeting was about customer service. Many good ideas were suggested on how to improve the service that Whybrow could give to clients or potential clients. I felt that if the team came across as they are in the office, over the phone, they would be really appealing to customers, as they are all extremely nice people. After lunch, Hannah had a job for me to do. For the rest of the afternoon, I spent my time transferring many inspection files across to one single file as a client wanted to see all the inspections from all the properties that Whybrow cover. There were a lot.


On Thursday, I went into Colchester with Hugo. We showed people round various different properties. The properties were very different, so Hugo had to change his sales technique frequently. Also, the people seemed different too; this was another reason why it was a very beneficial experience as it showed me many different sales techniques and what to do in different situations. After spending a fair amount of time in Colchester, we headed back to the office. I was ready to do some more jobs and after lunch I completed a few small tasks here and there for Chris and Michael. I found the tasks more interesting than the others thought I would as the environment was very relaxed and nice (but also hardworking). The tasks kept me busy and I hardly got bored.


On Friday, I went out with Ash to a property in Colchester. This was different to the properties I had been to with George and Hugo as it was a high rise building with many stories. It was a building with some flaws but Ash managed to sort them out. We both surveyed and showed someone round the property. This was also very valuable as it taught me how to sell and deal with faults at the same property. To finish off my week with Whybrow, I completed some archiving with Chris that I hadn’t finished on Thursday, and after that I found a list of technology companies for Hugo and Grant.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Whybrow and I was disappointed to leave and say goodbye to some of the nicest people I have ever met. I can only hope that my jobs in the future will be as pleasant as my time at Whybrow. The experience that I have gained at Whybrow is incredibly valuable and I thank everyone at Whybrow for giving me that opportunity.

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