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Dilapidations | Building Surveying | Schedules of Condition | Project Management

Our Building Surveying Department offers a full range of commercial property related services including building surveys, schedules of condition, project management, pre-acquisition surveys, insurance cost assessments and party wall agreements.


Whybrow Chartered Surveyors are client focused, whether acting for landlords or tenants and we cover a wide geographical area covering East Anglia, Greater London and the South East.


We have outlined below is further information on how we undertake services within Building Surveying Department.  Should you require further information on these service prior to instructing Whybrow Chartered Surveyors please so not hesitate to contact us on (01206) 577667 or



Schedules of Condition

The purpose of these are to accurately record the condition of a property both internally and externally at a certain point in time, typically before entering into a lease. Typically, they will be requested by an ingoing tenant rather than a landlord. For the tenant, this will protect them against the need to undertake repairs on lease expiry to a building that was already in a poor condition at the commencement of the term. 


Likewise, the landlord will also be equipped with the evidence they require should a tenant fail to meet their obligations in terms of an agreed maintenance and reparation process within the terms of the lease.




Dilapidation Surveys determine whether or not prescribed maintenance commitments in a lease have been adhered to.   


The first step in the process is known as the Schedule of Dilapidations and is normally commissioned on behalf of the landlord, often around 3-6 months in advance of the lease expiry. It is usual for the tenant to be responsible for the costs of the preparation and submission of this schedule by the landlord or their surveyor- this should be checked carefully within the lease.


This schedule would identify a schedule of works to be undertaken by the tenant in order to restore the building to the condition it was at the commencement of the lease. We would then enter into negotiations on behalf of our client (either landlord or tenant), ordinarily with another Chartered Surveyor representing the other party, to arrive at a mutually agreeable and negotiated settlement. The rules around the service and timings of these schedules are complex and are ignored at some peril.


Whybrow Chartered Surveyors work diligently on behalf of our clients in serving a schedule of dilapidations in good time and expediting the negotiations so that space can be re-let promptly.



Project Management

Whybrow Chartered Surveyors have extensive experience of Project Management on various commercial building projects under JCT and NEC contracts as Contract Administrators, Clerk or Works or in a full Project Management role.  We work collaboratively with the client to deliver a tailored solution on time and on budget irrespective of the size and scope of the work.


Whybrow Chartered Surveyors have the experience to provide feasibility studies for individual clients to provide them with information on which to make expenditure decisions on acquisitions, disposal or redevelopment of property assets.  This is achieved by exploring current build costs, market factors and funding outlook.


The functions we can undertake are as follows:


- Negotiating with designers

- Obtaining planning and building regulation approval

- Defining a specification of works

- Managing the tendering process (or procuring a main contractor)

- Monitoring Health & Safety and providing CDM co-ordination

- Ensuring that statutory undertakings are met

- Monitoring quality of workmanship, costs and authorisation of payments

- Managing the handover period

- Defining the defects liability period

- Managing the resolution of disputes



Re-instatement Cost Assessment (RCA)

This will be required by insurance underwriters and is the professional evaluation of a building’s rebuild costs following a fire or other incident that should result in its destruction. 


Accuracy is essential to ensure that the property has adequate insurance cover.  In order to maintain cover, it is recommended that this process be revisited every three years in order to avoid costly disputes. 


Whybrow Chartered Surveyors offer an attractive fee proposal for Re-instatement Cost Assessment (RCA) that we feel is well worth the peace of mind.



Party Walls & Neighbouring Issues

Party walls usually separate buildings belonging to different owners but could include other walls built astride a boundary -   known as party walls.  Where a wall separates two buildings of differing sizes, only that part that is used by both properties is a party wall, the remainder belonging to the owner on whose land it stands.


A party wall affects any person who is the building owner of a property that proposes to complete construction works which are to a party wall or that are close to and will affect the condition or structural integrity of a party wall.


Whybrow Chartered Surveyors provide clients with advice on how to resolve disputes arising under the Party Wall Act 1996.  We are able to act for either building owners or adjoining owners in this respect.


We cover three specific types of work:

  1. Alterations to party walls.
  2. Construction of new walls on the boundary.
  3. Excavation close to neighbouring properties.


A party wall award should be set up by the building owner prior to construction works. Unfortunately, it is common that the adjoining owner will commence the process.


Whybrow Chartered Surveyors provide a pragmatic approach with the relevant legislative framework with a professional service that includes undertaking comprehensive Schedule of Condition Reports and legally agree Party Wall Awards, which are commonly referred to as Party Wall Agreements.  We would return to complete final inspections after the works are complete to ensure that no issues have manifested themselves.  If damages or a dispute has arisen, we will supply professional knowledge and advice to determine a solution.



Pre-Acquisition Surveyors

Whybrow Chartered Surveyors provide a detailed understanding of the condition of a commercial property and future liabilities prior to the acquisition of the building by our client, whether by way or a purchase or a lease.  Furthermore, our report will also encompass compliance issues, health and safety, energy efficiency and thermal performance.


As a Chartered Surveyors practice specialising in the commercial sector we have successfully advised clients on the acquisition of commercial buildings qualifying for conversion to residential accommodation under Permitted Development (PD).


In conjunction with our Agency Department we have an established track record of advising regional and national housebuilders on potential sites throughout East Anglia and the South East.  Whybrow Chartered Surveyors pride themselves on giving objective and realistic guidance to developers based on sound market evidence and a deep understanding of the client’s requirements and expectations.



Building Surveys

Whybrow Chartered Surveyors provide an extensive and professional range of building surveys to suit our client’s requirements.  Defect diagnosis report on historic to modern buildings will identify whether the fault is due to a fault in construction, with the materials uses or poor design.   Common faults include damp, cracks, bulges, condensation, subsidence and movement.  We will advise on the appropriate remedial works required with indicative budget costs.


Expert Witness reports are prepared where defects have occurred as a direct result of defective workmanship or by a third party.  It is possible for the cost of repair to be recovered from the parties responsible, together with the costs of making the claim.  Our reports will provide independent support to enable a claim of damages to be made.  This can, where necessary be used in court proceedings resulting from that claim.



Development Monitoring

Whybrow Chartered Surveyors work on behalf of lenders, owners and end users of properties to identify issues and provide solutions by means of development appraisals.  Our experience in project managing diverse construction projects has provided us with the skills to identify and address potential issues including specification, compliance, quality, time and cost which ensures costs are mitigated prior to them becoming a problem.  The reporting methods and formats are developed to suit each individual client’s requirements.


As ever we would listen carefully to our client to gain a proper understanding of their requirement in order to provide tailored advice and service.


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