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Maximising the value of our clients property assets

Whybrow provides a highly personalised commercial agency service to both our valued clients and applicants. Creating strong and enduring personal relationships with our clients is vital to our business and we ensure our staff and colleagues display the highest level of customer care and attention at all times.


Our agency service typically includes customised advice on both the disposal, and also the acquisition of all types of commercial property including offices, industrial, retail, restaurant and leisure property, residential and commercial development land.


We have also specialised in the disposal and acquisition of church, health and care buildings throughout East Anglia, London and the South East.


Our team of experienced and customer focussed staff have extensive market knowledge in these areas, and access to a wide variety of data sources which enables us to provide timely, professional and well researched advice geared to maximising the value of our client’s property assets.


Our diverse and loyal client base includes private individuals and SME’s to major corporate organisations, property companies, pension funds, commercial and residential developers, national charities, local authorities and Government bodies.

Our agency department advises on all major property asset classes including:


  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Industrial, Warehousing and Distribution
  • Restaurants
  • Leisure
  • Commercial and Residential Development Land
  • Commercial and Residential Investment
  • Ground Leases
  • Property Consultancy
  • Permitted Development

Our Services Include:

Commercial Sales and Lettings

When approached to provide advice, we will always seek to meet our client, ideally at the property or site in question and will then spend sufficient time understanding deeply your needs and requirements by asking pertinent questions and listening intently to the answers given.

In obtaining this level of detail, and the facts, we will seek to understand and get to know our client as these personal relationships are vital to the ongoing success and vitality of our business. We know from experience that sometimes it is these smaller personal points that really matter most.

Once all the available information is assembled and collated, we will endeavour to provide you with a detailed marketing report and marketing advice based on market evidence across all sectors, and our experience of the sector as a property report within 7 working days of instructions. Often and if required this advice can be provided more quickly, but clearly, more detailed advice merits more detailed research which will take a little longer.

In 2015 we were instructed to advise upon a major development site in central Braintree housing some 100,000sq.ft of older style warehousing. Through extensive planning negotiations and a diligent marketing campaign, we secured a sale of the site with the benefit of permission for up to 74 houses to the Chelmer Housing Partnership in early 2019.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel our personalised service can help you and please also search our property availability to investigate your requirements further.

Property Search and Acquisitions

While companies and individuals will regularly use their lawyers for legal advice, and accountants for their financial advice, they will very often seek to negotiate the acquisition of property on their own. This may be due to a lack of understanding of the services that members of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) can provide. W believe this is often a missed opportunity and one that will often result in a higher price being paid than is necessary.

With immediate access to all market evidence including prices being paid, incentives secured such as rent free periods, break clauses, capital inducements etc, the benefits of utilising the services of members of the profession will reap great rewards. We can guide our clients too through the labyrinth of negotiations with the vendor or landlord, solicitors and related professional services that any acquisitions may entail and, in working together we would expect to achieve the results our clients desire as well as demonstrating to them significant savings both in their time and financially.

In 2018, we were instructed by Ipswich School (add hyperlink) to advise them in respect of a BUPA care home on their boundaries which was being bought to the market for sale due to closure. Against strong competition, purchased terms were agreed and the sale completed within 6 weeks, meeting the requirements set by the vendors and those of our clients in helping them to reinforce their School boundaries.

Since 1985, we have sought to develop through working closely with our clients a search and acquisition service based upon a deep understanding of our client’s individuals needs recognising that all requirements are unique based around the delivery of a personal service.


Investment Appraisals

Each investor has different requirements with different risk profiles some desiring secure longer term income, while others seek riskier profiles and are prepared to “asset manage” their property.

It is important to understand your own requirements and we will spend time with our clients and applicants so we fully understand these points. There is no point introducing an investment to a client say at £1.75m and at a yield of 7%, when your ceiling price is £750,000 and risk profile is 8-10%. This strategy is not going to win us clients, nor you as our customer, your confidence in our abilities.

In 2018, we sold a 90,000sq.ft warehouse investment let to Crittall Windows for a large Essex based property company at £3.65m reflecting a yield of circa 10%. This high yield reflected the terms of the new ground lease entered into with Braintree District Council as landlord, the ground rent and passing rent from the tenant.

The performance of the investments you either own or wish to acquire will be critical to you so ensuring the correct information and analysis is provided is very important. In working closely with you and listening intently to your individual and personal requirements, we will provide you with strategic investment advice which highlights risk, benefits, options and investment return.


While a significant amount of our work is transactional and on a “no sale, no fee” basis, as with many agents and surveyors, very often we work more closely with clients on a consultancy basis where we agree retainer fees for the advice provided. In this way we can provide a highly personal service for that client, often as their external property adviser.

Inspectorate plc( Bureau Veritas- add hyperlink) retain us to manage their industrial and office portfolio of properties across England, South Wales and Scotland, a role that sees us providing  advice to them not only on their individual properties structural repair and integrity but also on strategic matters such as relocations, expansion and exit strategies. We greatly value all the clients we work with, but in providing such consultancy advice, we usually develop far deeper and enduring relationships with these clients, both on business and a personal footing.

Our aim is to build and develop very close working relationships with you and this can often best be achieved by providing ongoing consultancy services. In this way, we can better take agreed projects and strategies for your business from fruition to conclusion.

We will be always wholly transparent about the fees for these services and are happy to confirm these to you at the outset for absolute clarity between both parties. We will all have experienced disputes over fees particularly in the latter parts of transactions, and these very often sour even the best relationships. We always hope our conversations with our clients are based on the Value we can bring, rather than on proice.

Read more about what our clientele are saying about us.

Our experienced and professional team will be available to respond to your requests and needs in providing a personable and proactive approach, developed around a real understanding of your needs. In the services we will offer you, we will seek to ensure that we fulfil your needs with the ultimate aim of delivering the results you expect and have asked for



Marketing Strategies


Successful businesses focus on getting the basics of marketing right, based on identifying and satisfying their customers’ needs profitably. It is important that we spend time to understand the marketing needs our customers have.


This encompasses market research, pricing, promotion, selling, distribution, customer care and much more. These marketing channels and the leads they create is the lifeblood of every business delivered through engaging content and by adopting a flexible, systematic approach for creating a sustainable pipeline.


Every marketing activity we undertake is designed to help us to retain our existing customers, sell our services and our product, the property or allied elements we are instructed on by you.  We do understand that to command a strong position in the marketplace and for us to be successful and to gain new clients, marketing is an important effort in gaining prospect attention, building product or service demand and winning customers.


Our campaigns and strategies are designed with our clients in mind to “Inspire hope and confidence”. We will seek to inspire our clients firstly through demonstrating to our customer there is a better, simpler, faster, more profitable world just around the corner and painting a picture of vibrant success and instilling confidence that there is a high likelihood of getting to this better world by working with/buying from us.


The heart of our business success lies in successful marketing.  In taking the time to listen deeply to our client’s needs and create strong personal and enduring relationships, our marketing advice includes recommendations and the implementation of crafted marketing strategies to suit individual clients and property needs, incorporating the utilisation of our cloud-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software for mailing campaigns and direct marketing.


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